Computer Repair and Internet Services



Whether it is your home computer system or your laptop give us a call and we can diagnose the problem within 24 hours.



If your tablet and/mobile device is on the fritz don’t worry.  Just stop in and we’ll have a look.



Call us for a free consultation to set up a new internet service or book a home visit to repair and existing one.



SGML Tech has been up and running for over 2o years.  We began as a small computer repair partnership and have since grown into a team of technicians providing all your computer repair/updating services as well as becoming and internet provider for the surrounding area.  We do home visits if you’re unable to come into the office or to diagnose home computer systems.  Call us for a free consultation for your needs.  If we are unable to repair your device there is no charge.


My whole home computer system was extremely outdated and needed to be replaced.  The guys at SGML Tech came to my house for a free consultation on what my needs for a new computer would be the day after I called.   They built me a system tailored to my specific needs and I was up and running again in under a week.   The quick service and friendly technician was not disappointing by any means.


Margaret Santon

My daughters ipad was acting up so I gave them a call to see if there was anything they could do.  I took my daughters ipad down to their office that afternoon and let them know she needed it for work so they had me leave it with them for the day.  Before the end of the day they had the ipad running smoothly and in time for me to pick it up before closing.  I couldn’t believe how quickly they had it done for her and their prices were more than fair.


Nancy Milanski

I was not pleased with my internet provider at the time so I thought I’d give SGML Tech a call and ask them some questions about their internet service to see if I would have any better luck.   They answered all my questions over the phone and offered me a free 3 month trial  no strings attached.  They told me if i wasn’t satisfied with their service I could go back to my previous provider no questions asked.   After my 3 month trial it was clear I was pleased and signed up for good.


Robert McNeely

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